Since the system uses deduction codes when it's calculating pay, creating an accounting entry for payroll, calculating and reporting W-2 information and other. PAYROLL DEDUCTION CODES ATHLETIC. ATHLETIC TICKETS. MISC ADJ. MISCELLANEOUS ADJUSTMENT. PARK3PMT. PARKING DED OVER 3 PAY PERIODS. PARKING. PARKING DED. CODE. DESCRIPTION. CODE. DESCRIPTION. 1. MILEAGE (Shown as negative). JTEE. INS TRADITIONAL - Employee Only. AFLAFT. AFLAC AFTER TAX. Below is a table of potential before-tax deductions and what taxes are affected. Deduction Code, Description, Deducted before FEDERAL and STATE TAXES, Deducted. The pay statement provides details about your current and year-to-date earnings, taxes, deductions, and accrued leave time. The sections of your EStub are.

Smith brought in his billing statement to buy one year of UBI service. You set up his TDP agreement at $50 per pay period under the deduction code of SV Then. Maintained by SBCTC-ITD and colleges. Use this screen to create and maintain deduction codes. A deduction code is used to process payroll. (after-tax). Child Support/Garnishment Deductions Payroll/Benefits Operations entry only. Deduction Code, Description, Short Description. GARNSH, ChildSupport &/or Wage. The pay statement provides details about your current and year-to-date earnings, taxes, deductions, and accrued leave time. The sections of your EStub are. Deferred Compensation Program Payroll Deduction Change Form, DCP Payroll · Request Document Remediation - DCP Payroll, 02/ ; Deduction Code Crosswalk. Deduction Code Short Description Description Gator1 Card Payroll Deduction. GCHD. HLTHYRWRDS INVALID DEDUCTION CODE. LPMRA1. LPMRA. Limited Purpose Med. Below, you will find some of the most common deduction codes that appear on your pay stub. Common pay stub deduction codes include the self-explanatory K. UPTE has the exclusive right of dues deductions authorized under Government Code section for all employees in the TX unit. b. UPTE shall establish its dues. under legal authority codes VPF or VPO). Amount of the deduction from the employee's pay This code is used by payroll to determine FEGLI biweekly premiums. 9/12 Ded. 9/12 Deduction. 9/12 Pmt. 9/12 Payment. AD&DE. AD&D Employee 10 Month. AD&DF. AD&D Family 10 Month. AD&DE. AD&D Employee 12 Month. Payroll Service Companies · Selecting a Tax TPT deduction code listings provide the deduction code A deduction code can often be used under both state and.

Deduction Codes. Home · Payroll; Deduction Codes. Deduction Code, Deduction Description. Fed W/H, Federal Withholding Tax. FICA OA, FICA Tax - Old Age (Social. The following deduction codes are used in Cornell's payroll system. Each deduction code consists of three or more digits that used to identify the deduction. Paycheck Code Category Description AltRetPNSS Retirement Alternate Retirement Plan No FICA AltRetPSS Retirement Alternate Retirement Plan MedQuality Medical. calculates the amount from entries on the PTD1 Payroll Deduction Table screen. If the deduction code has plan codes on the PTD2 Payroll Deduction. Table. FAQs: The code TRS H STD represents pre-tax QPP deductions. to refer to pay, deduction, or leave codes. Remarks based on payroll and personnel actions processed during the pay period will also print on the. LES. SORT. Deduction Codes ; Anthem Standard Plan, Medical, Anthem Standard Plan ; Anthem State Preferred, Medical, Anthem State Preferred ; ARP Hybrid 3%, Retirement. Coverage Type Codes · 1 = Single · 2 = Employee + Spouse · K = Employee + Child(ren) · 3 = Family · C = Dom Ptr Combined Family · D = Domestic Partner · F = Dom. Common Paystub Deduction Codes. UNION CODES. SEIU OTHER DEDUCTION CODES. DEDUCTION CODE Payroll deduction due to payroll advance or to make payment to.

This is the deduction code entered on the Maintain>Payroll>Deduction Codes>Deduction tab, such as K, Cafe, or Spouse. Status. The status of the code—Active. PAYROLL CODES. Clearance Type – CT (PPM, B ). 1 10/12 pay plan & 11/12 pay plan. Work Week Group DED ADJ (Deduction A/R Collection). L. STU ASST/TR. Misc Payroll Deduction. UUP PFL REPAYMENT. NYS-Ride Pre-Tax Parking. Accident Insurance PEF. Specified Disease Ins PEF. Hospital. WOOD COUNTY EMPLOYEES DEDUCTION LISTING. Annuity, Deduction & Insurance Codes. School Income Tax Codes. Tax & Retirement Codes. AFCS-AFLCIO-Union CSEA. ADA code 6) pay a slightly higher rate. b. For employees classified as CSRS-Offset employees (retirement codes C or E) the CSRS employee deduction rate that.

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Some charge a fixed rate against all income, others have multiple tax brackets and a few charge no income tax at all. Still others follow the federal tax code.

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