Description. These are the ultimate picks for serious mandolin player. This material just sounds great for bluegrass and will last a long time. 3 pack. These Wegen picks are high quality and shaped specifically for the mandolin. They come in several different dimensions so you can choose the one that best fits. Wegen picks are finely made, durable, and sound great. Wegen picks are the #1 pick choice for Gypsy jazz professionals world wide. Strings By Mail Wegen Picks BN Rounded Triangle Rt Hand Pick White mm, One Pick - Wegen Picks Wegen Picks BN Rounded Triangular Pick White mm. Description. The triangular Wegen “Dipper” pick is designed for comfort and solo work, and is suitable for a variety of guitar and mandolin playing styles.

Discover the best Wegen guitar picks for your acoustic, electric, or bass guitar. Handcrafted in the Netherlands, Wegen picks are renowned for their. The Wegen TF pick utilizes a triangle shape, beveled edges, holes cut for added grip, and is carved to a mm thickness. Michel Wegen hand crafts his picks for the purpose of unique tone and play-ability. You'll be amazed what a guitar pick will do to your sound. Hand crafted in the Netherlands! These were among the first high end boutique picks I remember coming out. Each one is hand beveled and has a specialized. Discover the best Wegen guitar picks for your acoustic, electric, or bass guitar. Handcrafted in the Netherlands, Wegen picks are renowned for their. Michel Wegen began his pick making career by fashioning the best possible picks for Gypsy jazz guitarists. His "Gypsy jazz pick" was his original creation. Based in the Netherlands, Michel Wegen makes a variety of picks by hand, each meant to blend tone and comfort. For guitar and mandolin. Wegen – TF – TF – TF The triangular pick in the most popular shape and size for thinner triangular picks. All the TF Wegen picks have the “. Wegenpicks dealers around the world. You can always contact me for all kinds custom-made picks, but when you would like to order a standard gypsy jazz pick. The original "Wegen" Gypsy Guitar pick. mm thick, 30mm long, 26mm wide. $ Wegen Big City Picks ( mm) (White) The BigCityPick: It's specially designed for acoustic jazz and blues guitar. (But it will also do fine on electric.

Every Gypsy Jazz Guitarist should own a Wegen pick. Wegen picks are world renowned and widely recognised to produce the closest sound to that of the picks. The ultimate picks for serious Bluegrass guitarists! Shaped like a tear drop with lightly beveled edges and a pattern of perforated holes for improved grip. Chris Thile Signature Casein Pick - Tortoise Shell Guitar Pick - Picks for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin - 1 Count, Heavy Gauge. Wegen Picks Bluegrass mm. These are the ultimate picks for serious bluegrass guitarists. Wegen M Mandolin Picks, Set of 3, White MM. Regular price $ USD Wegen MB Mandolin Picks, Set of 3, Black MM. Sold out. Wegen MB. This 4-pack of black mm Wegen picks are specifically designed with bluegrass players in mind. Buy Wegenpicks for guitar and mandolin. Handmade by artisan Michel Wegen in the Netherlands, Wegenpicks are easy to grip, durable, and improve the tone of. Wegen TF Triangular Acoustic Guitar Pick - Pack of 2, White, mm Picks, Large White - 4-Pack. $ PRODUCT. D'Addario NP8T National Celluloid. Wegen picks claim to be the closest plastic to real tortoise shell and many players agree.

This is a custom made Wegen pick designed primarily for mandolin. It's a smaller version of the standard TF Measuring aprox 1 1/8 inch on all three. These great guitar picks are made especially for playing Bluegrass music at millimeters in thickness. This makes them easy to hold and use to change the. Great deals on Wegen Guitar Picks. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at oilpm.ru Wegen Picks Triangular TF mm - White (1 Pick) Wegen Triangular pick. Designed for acoustic guitar. All the TF Wegen picks have the ". With material that sounds very similar to tortoise, it actually lasts much longer. With a curved and beveled tip and long length, this pick is designed for.

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